CSE571S: Network Security (Fall 2007)

Instructor:Prof. Raj Jain, jain@wustl.edu

Office:Bryan 405D

Office Hours: Mondays: 11:00AM-12:00PM
Wednesdays: 11:00AM-12:00PM

Teaching Assistant:Chakchai So-In, so-in@ieee.org

All question about the homeworks and mid-term exams 1 and 2 grading should be directed to the teaching assistant.

Course Description:
A comprehensive treatment of network security. Topics include remote access security, DMZ, firewalls, VPNs, PKI architecture, X.509 Public key infrastructure, web security, S-HTTP, SSL, TTLS, intrusion detection systems, extrusion detection systems, Electronic mail seuciry, PGP, PEM, S/MIME, routing protocol security, wireless network security, traffic analysis tools and alert tools.

Prerequisites:CSE 473S (Introduction to Computer Networking) or equivalent.

Credits:3 Units.

Time:Monday-Wednesday 2:30PM-4:00PM

Text Book:

Supporting Books:

Tentative Schedule:

Wednesday8/29/2007Course Overview
Monday9/3/2007Labor Day Holiday
Wednesday9/5/2007Security Concepts
Monday9/10/2007TCP/IP Security Attacks
Wednesday9/12/2007Operating Systems Security Attacks
Monday9/17/2007Secret Key CryptographyChapter 3
Wednesday9/19/2007Modes of OperationChapter 4
Monday9/24/2007Hashes and Message DigestChapter 5
Wednesday9/26/2007Number Theory and Public Key CryptographyChapter 7, 6
Monday10/1/2007Number Theory and Public Key Cryptography (Cont)Chapter 7, 6
Wednesday10/3/2007Exam 1
Monday10/8/2007AuthenticationChapter 10
Wednesday10/10/2007Kerberos V4Chapter 13
Monday10/15/2007Kerberos V5Chapter 14
Wednesday10/17/2007Public Key InfrastructureChapter 15
Monday10/22/2007IPsecChapter 16, 17
Wednesday10/27/2007Internet Key Exchange (IKE)Chapter 18
Monday10/29/2007Web Security: SSL/TLSChapter 19
Wednesday10/31/2007Email SecurityChapter 20, 21, 22
Monday11/5/2007Exam 2
Wednesday11/7/2007Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Monday11/12/2007Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)
Wednesday11/14/2007AAA Part II
Monday11/19/2007Project Guidelines
Wednesday11/21/2007Thanksgiving Holiday
Monday11/26/2007Wireless LAN Security I: WEP Overview and Tools
Wednesday11/28/2007Wireless LAN Security II: WEP Attacks, WPA and WPA2
Monday12/3/2007DNS Security
Wednesday12/5/2007Student Project Presentations
Monday12/10/2007Intrusion Detection
Wednesday12/12/2007Final Exam
Monday12/17/2007Grade Review

Exams: 60%
Homeworks: 15%
Project: 20%
Class participation: 5%

Students Hands-on Projects:

Student Survey Papers:

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