Cafe Cracks: Attacks on Unsecured Wireless Networks

Paul Moceri ( and Troy Ruths (


Mobile users demand high connectivity in today's world, often at the price of security. Requiring Internet access at the airport, public buildings, and restaurants, users will easily sacrifice a secure connection for a fast and reliable one. By broadcasting rogue access points at these compromising locations, crackers can launch effective Man-in-the-Middle attacks.  Our developed crack, Cafe Crack, provides a platform built from open source software for deploying rogue access points and sophisticated Man-in-the-Middle attacks. Built around the Untangle Server software, Cafe Crack allows the hacker to dynamically measure, monitor and redirect network traffic.  This paper will provide an example of DNS spoofing using the Cafe Crack platform and then provide simple and effective protection techniques against harmful rogue AP attacks. 


Spoofing, phishing, DNS, DNSSEC, VPN, Public VPN, Untangle, Man-in-the-Middle, wireless, 802.11, Rogue AP, Open Source, Evil Twin

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