A Summary of Hacking Organizations, Conferences, Publications, and Effects on Society

Alisha Cecil [acecil19@yahoo.com]


Since the early 1970's, hackers have been prevalent throughout the computing world. Two main categories of Hackers have evolved: the Open Source and Free Software group and the Security Hackers group. This paper details some of the more notable groups and individuals of each 'category' of hackers, the effects of hacking on society, as well as conferences and publications that they are responsible for that have contributed to the modern hacking world.

Key Words

White Hat Hacker, Black Hat Hacker, Grey Hat Hacker, Hacker Ethics, Hacker Etiquette, Security Hackers, Open Source Hackers, Hobby Hacking, Hacker Manifesto, Lyod Blankenship, The Mentor, cDc, Cult of the Dead Cow, NSF, Ninja Strike Force, Hactivismo, LoD, Legion of Doom, CCC, Chaos Computer Club,Shadow Crew, SumerCon, HoHoCon, XmasCon, HOPE, DEF Con, Hackers on Planet Earth, Chaos Communication Congress, Phrack, 2600, Hacker Quarterly, BBS, Bulletin Board System, Hacker Conferences, Hacker Publications, Computer Security Laws

Table of Contents

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