Recent Advances In Networking and Telecommunications Seminar Series

This was a series of seminars on recent advances in networking and telecommunications. The series was designed especially for people from local industry. The seminars of this series were:

January 31, 1995: High Speed Networking: Issues and Challenges
February 21, 1995: ATM Networks - An Overview
March 28, 1995: ATM Networks - Advanced Concepts and Issues
April 25, 1995: Multimedia Networks - An Introduction
May 30, 1995: Multimedia Networks - Advanced Issues
June 27, 1995: Wireless Data Networking - An Introduction
July 25, 1995: Networking Issues for Mobile Computing
September 19, 1995: Traffic Management in ATM Networks
October 31, 1995: 100 Mbps Networking Technologies: 100BASE-Tx, 100VG-AnyLAN, FDDI
November 28, 1995: Recent Advances in All-Optical Networks
January 30, 1996: Internet Protocol: The Next Generation
February 27, 1996: Gigabit Networking Standards: Fibre Channel and HIPPI

Slides of all past seminars are available on-line here in Adobe Acrobat format (colored 1 slide per page), postscript (black and white 2 slides per page), or compressed postscript. Acrobat viewerscan be downloaded free from Adobe systems.

The seminar series was sponsored by AT&T (now Lucent Technologies) Columbus, Industry and Technology Council of Columbus, Central Ohio ACM Chapter. We are looking for industrial sponsors to continue this series this year. Please contact us, if your company would be interested in sponsoring a continuation of it.

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