ATM Networking: Issues and Challenges Ahead

A talk by Professor Raj Jain at IEEE Electro'96, New York, May 1, 1996

The asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) will form the basis of the next generation of computer and telecommunication networks. ATM technology allows voice, video, and data to share a network. This talk consists of a technical and a strategic part. In the first technical part, we explain how current connectionless traffic on the Internet will be supported on ATM networks. In the second part, we provide a historical review of past networking technologies some of which failed. This will us lead to a discussion about what it takes for a new technology to succeed and what challenges we face in making the current dream of a seamless world-wide high-speed ATM network a reality. Issues in using ATM cells for very high speed applications will be presented. Ensuring that the users benefit from ATM networks involves several other related disciplines. These will be reviewed.

This talk covers the following topics:

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