Gigabit Networking Standards: Fibre Channel and HIPPI

Speaker: Professor Raj Jain

The 1990's have been called the "Decade of bandwidth." With the development of multimedia and world-wide web, the major bottleneck in computing is shifting from processing speed to communication speed. The primary performance bottlenecks today are bandwidth to storage and bandwidth to the rest of the world.

Fibre Channel is a new networking standard that addresses both bottlenecks. It allows I/O and serial communication at one gigabit per second. Several I/O and computing vendors have already announced products based on fibre channel. Its first application is evolving to be a replacement for SCSI. Fibre channel allows connecting upto 126 storage devices in a loop configuration.

High-Performance Peripheral Interface (HIPPI) is a point-to-point data communication standard operating at 800 or 1600 Mb/s.

This tutorial on Fibre Channel and HIPPI provides an overview of these two standards.

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