I-Ting Angelina Lee

Washington University in St. Louis
School of Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Parallel Computing Technology Group


angelee AT wustl DOT edu
1 Brookings Dr.
Campus Box 1045
St. Louis, MO 63130
I am most easily reached via email.

Brief Bio

I am an associate professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department in Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to that, I was a postdoctoral associate in the Supertech research group in MIT CSAIL. I received my S.M. and Ph.D. from MIT, under the supervision of Prof. Charles E. Leiserson. I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from UC San Diego, where I worked on the Simultaneous Multithreading Simulator for DEC Alpha under the supervision of Prof. Dean Tullsen.

Research Interests

My research agenda is to make parallel programming accessible for everyone, so that every programmer, particularly the non-experts, can rapidly develop high performance software that takes advantage of commodity multicore hardware. To that end, I am interested in many aspects of parallel computing, including designing programming models and linguistic constructs to simplify parallel programming, developing runtime and operating system support to enable multithreaded programs to execute efficiently, and building software tools to aid debugging and performance engineering of multithreaded code.


Conference and Journal Publications

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My research is supported in part by NSF Grants CCF-1527692, CCF-1733873, CNS-1763503, and CCF-1910568.


For a list of published software, see the software page under Parallel Computing Technology Group page.

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