G. Babic, B. Vandalore, and R. Jain, "Analysis and Modeling of Traffic in Modern Data Communication Networks," Ohio State University Technical Report, OSU-CISRC-1/98-TR02, Feburary 1998.

In performance analysis and design of communication netword modeling data traffic is important. With introduction of new applications, the characteristics of the data traffic changes. We present a brief review the different models of data traffic and how they have evolved. We present results of data traffic analysis and simulated traffic, which demonstrates that the packet train model fits the traffic at source destination level and long-memory (self-similar) model fits the traffic at the aggregate level.

Complete Technical Report in Adobe Acrobat

A trace file with one hour worth of Ethernet traffic data (recorded using tcpdump) is available in zipped format (30 MBytes).
Some useful routines reading reading the trace file are available in C code (6,072 bytes)

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