Chunlei Liu, Sohail Munir, Raj Jain, Sudhir Dixit "Packing Density of Voice Trunking using AAL2", Proceedings IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (GlobeCom99), December 5-9, 1999, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Vol. 1(B), pp. 611-615, ISBN: 0-7803-5796-5, INSPECT: 6622694, DOI: 10.1109/GLOCOM.1999.830123

AAL2 has been adopted in ITU-T and ATM Forum to reduce the packing delay for voice trunking. A parameter called ``Timer/_CU'' is used in AAL2 to avoid prolonged delay for any packet. However, the AAL2 documents do not discuss how to set the Timer/_CU value. In this paper, we establish a Markov chain model to analyze the AAL2 packing process. We find that the packing density and link efficiency depend significantly on the Timer/_CU value. The analysis of this paper gives an algorithm to calculate a reference Timer/_CU value to achieve desired link efficiency. Simulation results that verify the analysis are also presented.

Note: This study has been used in 3rd Generation Parternetship Project, Technical Report on "Delay Budget Within the Access Stratum," TR 25.853 V3.1.0, 1999.

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