"Achieving Quality of Service (QoS) for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Traffic Over Satellite Networks with Differentiated Services " ITU Contribution, Group: WP4B, Document No.: USWP4B-004, Reference: Question ITU-R 263/4, August 18, 2000.

Purpose/Objective: To develop a new recommendation studying the QoS performance for TCP transport over satellite networks including GEO, LEO, and MEO with differentiated services. Satel lite network modeling and simulation results will be used for evaluations. This new recommendation wil l be in reference to IP over satellite matters.

Background: Satellite networks play an indispensable role in providing global Internet access and electronic connectivity. To achieve such a global communications, provisioning of quality of service (QoS) w ithin the advanced satellite systems is the main requirement. One of the key mechanisms of implementing the quality of service is traffic management. Traffic management becomes a crucial factor in the case of satellite network because of the limited availability of their resources. Currently, Internet Pro tocol (IP) only has minimal traffic management capabilities and provides best effort services. In this paper , we present broadband satellite network QoS model and simulated performance results. In particular, w e discuss the TCP flow aggregates performance for their good behavior in the presence of competing UDP flow aggregates in the same assured forwarding. We identify several factors that affect the perfo rmance in the mixed environments and quantify their effects using a full factorial design of experiment methodology.

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