ITU Contributions by Raj Jain's Group

  1. S. Kota, A. Durresi, Raj Jain, and Mukul Goyal, "Working Document Towards Draft New Recommendation: Achieving Quality of Service (QoS) for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Traffic Over Satellite Networks with Differentiated Services," Group: WP4B, Document No.: USWP4B-004, August 18, 2000,
  2. Curtis Brownmiller, Yong Xue, Sudheer Dharanikota, Raj Jain, Dimitri Papadimitriou, Rohit Goyal, Andre Fredette, "Link Management Requirements," ITU-T Q14/15 Rapporteur Meeting, 4-8 June 2001, Turin, Italy,
  3. Curtis Brownmiller, Sudheer Dharanikota, Raj Jain, "An example application in support of VBI," ITU Contribution, Study Group 15, Question 11/15, Milan, Italy 6-8 February 2002,

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