CSE570S: Recent Advances in Networking (Data Center Virtualization, SDN, Big Data, Internet of Things) (Fall 2015)

Instructor: Prof. Raj Jain, jain@wustl.edu
Office: Bryan 523
Office Hours: Mondays/Wednesday: 1:00PM-2:00PM

Teaching Assistant:Siddhant Sirohi, s.sirohi (at) Wustl.edu
TA Office Hours: Friday/Sunday: 1:00PM-2:00PM

All question about the homeworks and mid-term exams 1 and 2 grading should be directed to TA.

Course Description:
This course covers the latest advances in networking. The topics include Networking Trends, Data Center Network Topologies, Data Center Ethernet, Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, Carrier Ethernet, Application Delivery Networking, Virtual Bridging, Big Data, Networking Issues for Big Data, LAN Extension and Virtualization using Layer 3 Protocols, Multi-Tenant Isolation and Network Virtualization in Cloud Data Centers, OpenFlow, OpenFlow Controllers and Tools, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Internet of Things (IoT), Networking Protocols for IoT. Students do a project involving application of these topics. Pre-requisite: CSE 473 or equivalent.

Prerequisites: CSE 473 Introduction to Computer Networking or equivalent.

Credits:3 Units.

Time:Monday-Wednesday 2:30PM-4:00PM, Sever 102

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For audio/video recordings of individual lectures, click the class lecture below. Audio/Video recordings of all 2013 lectures of this class are available.

Tentative Schedule:

8/24/2015MondayCourse Overview
8/26/2015WednesdayNetworking Trends
Data Center Network Topologies ((Part 1)
8/31/2015MondayData Center Network Topologies (Part 2)
Data Center Ethernet (Part 1)
9/2/2015WednesdayData Center Ethernet (Part 2)
9/7/2015MondayLabor Day Holiday
9/9/2015WednesdayData Center Ethernet (Part 3)
Project Guidelines (Part 1)
Carrier IP: MPLS (Part 1)
9/14/2015MondayCarrier IP: MPLS (Part 2)
9/16/2015WednesdayCarrier Ethernet (Part 1)
9/21/2015MondayCarrier Ethernet (Part 2)
9/23/2015WednesdayServer and Storage Virtualization
Virtual Bridging (Part 1)
9/28/2015MondayExam 1
9/30/2015WednesdayVirtual Bridging (Part 2)
10/5/2015MondayProject Guidelines (Part 2)
LAN Extension and Virtualization Using L3 Protocols (Part 1)
10/7/2015WednesdayVirtual Routing Protocols
LAN Extension and Virtualization using L3 Protocols(Part 2)
10/12/2015MondayInternet of Things (IoT)
10/14/2015WednesdayData-Link Layer and Management Protocols for IoT (Part 1)
10/19/2015MondayData-Link Layer and Management Protocols for IoT (Part 2)
Networking Layer Protocols for Internet of Things: 6LoWPAN and RPL (Part 1)
10/21/2015WednesdayNetworking Layer Protocols for Internet of Things: 6LoWPAN and RPL (Part 2)
10/26/2015MondayMessaging Protocols for Internet of Things: MQTT
LAN extension and Virualization using L3 Protocols (Part 3)
10/28/2015WednesdayIntroduction to OpenFlow (Part 1)
11/2/2015MondayExam 2
11/4/2015WednesdayIntroduction to OpenFlow (Part 2)
Project Review Form (Right Click and save as)
11/9/2015MondayIntroduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN) (Part 1)
11/11/2015WednesdayIntroduction to SDN (Part 2)
11/16/2015MondayIntroduction to Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
11/18/2015WednesdayBig Data
11/23/2015MondayNetworking Issues for Big Data
11/25/2015WednesdayThanksgiving Holiday
11/30/2015MondayNETCONF, YIN and YANG, BEEP, and UML
12/2/2015WednesdayFinal Exam

Student Projects:

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