CSE570S: Recent Advances in Networking - Data Center Virtualization, SDN, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (Fall 2013)

Instructor: Prof. Raj Jain, jain@wustl.edu
Office: Bryan 523
Office Hours: Mondays/Wednesday: 1:00PM-2:00PM

Teaching Assistant: Paras Tiwari, pbtiwari at wustl.edu
TA Office Hours: Thursdays/Friday: 2:00PM-3:00PM

All question about the homeworks and mid-term exams 1 and 2 grading should be directed to TA.

Course Description:
This course will cover the latest advances in networking. The topics include Data center networking, Virtualization, Software Defined Networking, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Internet of Things. Students do a project involving application of these topics.

Prerequisites: CSE 473 Introduction to Computer Networking or equivalent.

Credits:3 Units.

Time:Monday-Wednesday 2:30PM-4:00PM, Lopata 101

Reference Books:

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For Audio/Video recordings of individual lectures, click the class lecture below.

Tentative Schedule:

Date Day Topic
8/28/2013 Wednesday Course Overview
9/2/2013 Monday Labor Day Holiday
9/4/2013 Wednesday Networking Trends: World According to Google
Data Center Network Topologies ((Part 1)
9/9/2013 Monday Data Center Network Topologies (Part 2)
Data Center Ethernet (Part 1)
9/11/2013 Wednesday Data Center Ethernet (Part 2)
9/16/2013 Monday Data Center Ethernet (Part 3)
Server Virtualization
9/18/2013 Wednesday Storage Virtualization
9/23/2013 Monday Carrier Ethernet (Part 1)
9/25/2013 Wednesday Carrier Ethernet (Part 2)
9/30/2013 Monday Exam 1
10/2/2013 Wednesday Application Delivery Networking (Part 1)
10/7/2013 Monday Application Delivery Networking (Part 2)
Virtual Bridging (Part 1)
10/9/2013 Wednesday Virtual Bridging (Part 2)
10/14/2013 Monday Virtual Bridging (Part 3)
Big Data (Part 1)
10/16/2013 Wednesday Big Data (Part 2)
10/21/2013 Monday No Class
10/23/2013 Wednesday Networking Issues for Big Data
Project Guidelines
10/28/2013 Monday LAN Extension and Virtualization using Layer 3 Protocols
10/30/2013 Wednesday Multi-Tenant Isolation and Network Virtualization in Cloud Data Centers (Part 1)
11/4/2013 Monday Exam 2
Multi-Tenant Isolation and Network Virtualization in Cloud Data Centers (Part 2)
11/6/2013 Wednesday Multi-Tenant Isolation and Network Virtualization in Cloud Data Centers (Part 3)
Introduction to OpenFlow (Part 1)
11/11/2013 Monday Introduction to OpenFlow (Part 2)
11/13/2013 Wednesday Introduction to OpenFlow (Part 3)
OpenFlow Controllers and Tools (Part 1)
Project Review Form (Right Click and save as)
11/18/2013 Monday OpenFlow Controllers and Tools (Part 2)
Introduction to Software Defined Networking (SDN) (Part 1)
11/20/2013 Wednesday Introduction to SDN (Part 2)
Introduction to Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
11/25/2013 Monday Internet of Things (IoT) (Part 1)
11/27/2013 Wednesday Thanksgiving Holiday
12/2/2013 Monday Internet of Things (Part 2)
Networking Protocols for IoT (Part 1)
12/4/2013 Wednesday Networking Protocols for IoT (Part 2)
12/9/2013 Monday No Class
12/11/2013 Wednesday Final Exam

Exams: 60%
Homeworks: 15%
Project: 20%
Class participation: 5%
Student Project Reports:

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