Christopher D. Gill

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
McKelvey School of Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis

CV/Resume and Google Scholar Profile and Publications

Fall 2021 Schedule

E81 CSE 532S: Advanced Multi-Paradigm Software Development

CSE 591: Introduction to Graduate Study in CSE

CSE 7900 Section 2: Research Seminar on Parallel Computing

Professional Interests:

Research Interests:

Parallel Real-Time Systems
Cyber-Physical Systems
Real-Time Operating Systems, Virtualization, and Middleware

Teaching Interests:

Operating Systems and Advanced Operating Systems
Concurrent and Distributed System Software
Programming Systems and Languages
Procedural, Object-Oriented and Generic Programming in C++

Other Interests:

When I make the time for it, I greatly enjoy fly fishing, especially during the Missouri State Parks' winter catch-and-release season. I also enjoy fly tying, thanks to the good folks at Feather-Craft Fly Fishing in St. Louis, who taught me. The following may be the most apt description of the current state of fly fishing (and much of the modern world) that I've seen:

"And fly fishermen, now more skilled and knowledgeable than they've ever been, seldom keep any of the fish they go to such pains to catch. [...] We decided we were frontier subsistence journalists, living off the land in one of the few ways that's still possible, that is by gathering food, putting most of it back, and then writing about it for money."

-- John Gierach, "Spring Snow", from Even Brook Trout Get The Blues.

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