Zhihao Xia

I am a second-year PhD student at Washington University in St. Louis, where I work on computer vision, computational photography and machine learning. I'm part of WashU Vision & Learning Group, advised by Ayan Chakrabarti.

I received a Bachelors in CS from School of the Gifted Young at USTC. I've also spent time at NUS and KAUST.

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My research interests include computer vision, image processing and deep learning. I'm particularly interested in the design of accurate and efficient algorithms for visual inference by exploiting the statistical structure of natural images and scenes. I have also worked in computational biology.

Identifying Recurring Patterns with Deep Neural Networks for Natural Image Denoising
Zhihao Xia, Ayan Chakrabarti
Arxiv, 2018

Exploit self-similarity or recurring patterns (internal statistics) with deep neural networks (external statistics) for natural image denoising.

Efficient and accurate inversion of multiple scattering with deep learning
Yu Sun, Zhihao Xia, Ulugbek S. Kamilov
Optics Express, 2018

Propose a deep convolutional neural network for image reconstruction under multiple light scattering.


CSE559A: Computer Vision - Fall 2018
Teaching Assistant

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