EuroPLoP-96 Miscellaneous Info

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Opening Session

The opening session will introduce you tho the conference. It will include an overview on the conference program, a game with George, and a demo writers workshop. The pattern that will be discussed is:

Null Object

Bruce Anderson

When writing code to be conditionally executed when a variable has a nullvalue, consider making that code the behaviour of a null object, and making that object the value of the variable. This avoids cluttering up code with tests for null values, and can lead to more powerful designs.

Closing Session

The closing session will include a short presentation about major homegroup results, a general wrap-up of the conference, and we will ask for feedback from you. Dirk Riehle, the editor of the EuroPLoP proceedings, will provide you with information about how to prepare your papers for copyediting by Addison Wesley.


Homegroups are informal discussion forums where you can discuss everything you like. The subject may not even be related to patterns. However, we have Gaynor-Redvers Mutton from Wiley and Sons available. Gaynor, the editor of the Siemens pattern book, will be pleased to discuss pattern layout, type setting, use of graphics, etc. with you. Thus, homegroups are encouraged to take this chance and address these issues and discuss their ideas with Gaynor. The 'results' of each homegroup session will be published in the daily 'EuroPLoP newsletter'.

Guided Tour

We are pleased to offer you a guided tour to the monastery. We have two dates available, Thursday and Friday at 13:30. The tour takes about one hour and is limited to about 40 persons each. Participants can decide which tour they like to take, on a first come first serve basis.


We will have George Platt with us. George is a 'tangential thinking co-ordinator and during the conference he will play some games with you. These should provide a relaxed atmosphere that invites for communication and discussion. And they should keep you fit and clear minded for all the sessions.

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