ECE 255: Distributed Software Architecture Design

Douglas C. Schmidt
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California, Irvine




The following are electronic versions of my course handouts. Most of these handouts are stored in compressed postscript 4-up on a page. Files ending in .gz are compressed with GNU Zip. To create .gz files use gzip; to uncompress them use gunzip (or gzip -d). You can use your favorite search engine to find the most recent versions of these tools or get them from the University of Texas. In addition, Eric S Rosenthal has donated a perl script that converts the 4-up handouts to 1-up handouts.

Intro Material

Network Programming

  1. Overview of Socket Programming (April 3rd)


  1. Overview of CORBA
  2. Overview of Real-time CORBA

Programming Assignments

The following is a partial list of the programming assignments in the class. More will be added shortly. Please following the submission guidelines when mailing your solutions electronically.

Please see the online instructions for information about setting up your ACE+TAO workspace, which is needed for the CORBA assignments.

In addition, ECE 255 will have a final project. This project will involve building a substantial distributed software application using one or more of the technologies covered in the programming assignments.

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