The Many Faces of Doug Schmidt

The following is me about age 4 or so, around 1966. Even then, I had a great affinity for kitty cats.

Here I am a sophmore in college in my Kappa Alpha fraternity photo in 1982 at the College of William and Mary. At this point, my goal in life was to be a rock star.

The next photo is my official college senior yearbook picture in 1984. At this point, my goal in life was to get an MS in Sociology at William and Mary.

The following photo is me after the summer of my senior year in 1984. At this point, my goal was to become Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Now we jump ahead about 9 years to 1993 in the Information and Computer Science Department at UC Irvine, when my goal was to finish my Ph.D. and begin my unending quest for world domination...

Another 4 year leap takes us ``down under'' to Australia in 1997. Note my hat, which is part of my adherence to the Aussie convention of slip, slop, slap to prevent problems stemming from ozone depletion!

Now we jump ahead to late 1999, where I became the proud owner of Corvette, which has been a lifelong goal since my first job delivering papers in the mid-70s. It's just a good thing I switched from sociology to computer science in the mid-80s since otherwise I'd be driving a Yugo...

Now we're into the mid-2000's:

What happened to all that long hair?!

Overall, here's a good synopsis of these stages...

Finally, here's a picture of my state of mind during my pre-tenure years as an Assistant Professor at Washington University, St. Louis:

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