Course Synopsis

CS 562 provides an intensive focus on advanced design and implementation of distributed object computing (DOC) software. Key topics covered in this course include: Design and implementation based on design patterns and frameworks are central themes to enable the construction of reusable, extensible, efficient, and maintainable DOC software. In addition, abstraction based on design patterns and OO techniques (such as separation of interface from implementation) will be the central concepts and principles throughout the course. These concepts and principles will enable you to construct reusable, extensible, efficient, and maintainable communication software.

Design patterns will be taught so that you will have good role models for structuring their own designs, as well as to clearly articulate the tradeoffs of alternative methods for designing systems. OO techniques will be taught so that you will learn by example how to build highly decentralized communication software architectures that decouple inter-dependencies between components.

We will construct communication software components and applications using popular programming tools available in the modern operating systems, such as make, emacs, dbx, gprof, CVS, C++, CORBA, ACE, and TAO. You are expected to be familiar with C++ and UNIX.

Course Contents

The following is a more detailed overview of the course contents. Lecture material for each section are available as online handouts.

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