ACE+TAO+CIAO Commercial Support

As ACE+TAO have matured over the years it's become increasingly important to augment their open-source distributions with a more robust support model. For example, there is a website in China that provides a forum for discussing issues associated with ACE. We are also fortunate that the following companies are now support ACE and TAO commercially (listed in alphabetical order):

oHuihoo's commercial support for ACE in China.

oOCI provides commercial support for TAO and ACE. Please contact Malcolm Spence for more info. OCI also sells the TAO Developer's Guide and maintains the TAO FAQ.

oPrismTech provides commercial support for TAO. Please contact Andrew Foster for more info.

oRemedy IT provides commercial support and training for ACE, TAO, and CIAO. They also publish the TAO Programmers Guide, which also contains a TAO FAQ. Please contact Johnny Willemsen for more info.

oRiverace provides commercial support for ACE. Please contact Steve Huston for more info.

oTerabit's commercial support for ACE in Australia. Please contact Alexander Libman for more info.

Huihoo, OCI, PrismTech, and Remedy also provide open-source commercial support for JacORB, which is a high-quality open-source Java ORB that works well with TAO.

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