Call for Participation

Fifth IEEE International Workshop on
Object-Orientation in
Operating Systems, 1996


Seattle, Washington

October 27-28, 1996

Sponsored by
The IEEE Technical Committee on Operating Systems
and Application Environments (TCOS) (pending)
and USENIX (pending)

 [new] This file is the original call for papers for IWOOOS. The final program for IWOOOS is now available online.

The fifth International Workshop on Object-Orientation in Operating Systems will bring together researchers and practioners who are interested in object-oriented approaches to operating systems design, development, and application support. The purpose of the workshop is to provide an informal format and atmosphere in which ideas and current work can be presented and discussed at length. The workshop is designed to encourage the full participation of each attendee: both presenters and participants will be active contributors throughout the workshop.

This year's workshop will be held in Seattle, Washington, just prior to the Second Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation which will be held in Seattle, Washington from October 28-31. We hope that the conjunction of the two events will foster cross-fertilization between related research communities.

The focus of the workshop is on how to effectively use objects inside operating systems and how to provide system support for object oriented applications in a variety of application domains.

Subjects of particular interest are:

The workshop is structured to encourage the submission of explorative work. As such, we invite position papers. Position papers should be 2000 words long, and should present initial work, new ideas, or a strong position statement on any topic related to object-orientation and operating systems.

Attendance will be by invitation only. To be invited, prospective attendees must submit a position paper. All submissions will be reviewed. All accepted papers will be published in a proceedings. The official language for the conference will be English.


Workshop Chair: Andrew Black (Oregon Graduate Institute)
Program Chair: Nayeem Islam (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
Local Arrangement Co-Chairs: Michael Jones (Microsoft) and Crispin Cowan (Oregon Graduate Institute)
Publicity Chair: Douglas Schmidt (Washington Universtiy-St. Louis)
Publication Chair: Luis-Felipe Cabrera (IBM)
Finance Chair: David Cohn (University of Notre Dame)


Mustaque Ahamad (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Henri Bal (Vrije Universiteit)
Gary Lindstrom (University of Utah)
Eric Manning (University of Victoria)
Satoshi Matsuoka (University of Tokyo)
Gregor Kiczales (Xerox Parc)
Sacha Krakowiak (IMAG, France)
Jim Purtilo (University of Maryland)
John Rosenberg (University of Sydney)
Margo Seltzer (Harvard University)
Santosh Shrivastava (Univesity of Newcastle-upon-tyne)
Mario Tokoro (Keio University)


Position Papers: July 1, 1996
Invitations issued: July 30, 1996
Camera-ready copy due: Sept 1, 1996


Each submission should have a principal author, to whom all messages will be sent; please provide e-mail and postal addresses as well as telephone and fax numbers. A notice will be sent to the principal author upon receipt of every paper.

Electronic submission via email is strongly encouraged. Please send your paper to the program chair at

Submissions are required to be in HTML, ASCII or Postscript (uuencoded). Electronic submissions will be ACK'ed within a day or so of receipt. If the submission could not be successfully printed out on paper then the program chair will attempt to confer with the sender via email about what to do as an alternative submission means. Note: if you do not receive any acknowledgement message at all within a period of several days then the submission message may have gotten lost in transit and you should send a short email message to the program chair to alert him to the difficulty.

Potential authors who cannot submit by electronic means should send 8 copies of their paper to:

Nayeem Islam
IBM TJ Watson Research Center
P.O. Box 704
New York, NY 10598
Tel: (914) 784-7210 (office)