CSE 102 - Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering II - Spring 2015

Administrative stuff

The instructors for the course this semester are Roger Chamberlain, Ed Richter, and Ron Cytron.

The TA this semester is Ben Stolovitz, <bstolovitz AT wustl.edu>

The class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 2:30-4pm. Lectures are in Lopata 509. Studios and Labs are in Urbauer 115.

Roger's office hours are Mondays and Wednesdays 4-5pm or by appointment. See Jayme in the CSE dept. office (Bryan 509), or email her at <jayme AT seas.wustl.edu>, and she can put you on Roger's calendar.
If you don't see me in the office during normal office hours, check in the Urbauer instructional labs (2nd floor). I might be helping out the other section of CSE 132.

TA (Ben's) hours are Tuesday 6-8pm and Thursday 5-6:30pm. They will be in Urb. 115.

Extra help hours for the week of April 27 to May 1 are as follows:
Mon 1-2:30pm Roger
Mon 2:30-4pm Ed
Tue 6-8pm Ben
Wed 1-2:30pm Roger
Wed 2:30-4pm Ed
Thu 5:30-7:30pm Ben
Fri 1-2:30pm Ed
Fri 2:30-4pm Roger

If we're not in the Urbauer lab during the listed times above, don't hesitate to come find us in our respective office and we'll come down to the lab. (Ed's office is Bryan 201, Roger's office is Bryan 509.)

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