Roger Chamberlain

Brief Bio

I serve on the faculty of the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington Univ. in St. Louis as a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. I've been at the university for over 40 years, starting as a freshman in the 1970s (yes, that's a long time ago!). I earned undergraduate degrees in both computer science and electrical engineering in 1983, a master's degree in computer science in 1985, and my doctoral degree (the DSc) in computer science in 1989, joining the faculty of the (then) Dept. of Electrical Engineering that same year. I moved to the (newly renamed) Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering in 2002 and have been with the department ever since.

My research interests include the development of specialized architectures for various applications (e.g., astrophysics and biology) as well as general purpose parallel and distributed computing systems and algorithms. I teach in the areas of digital systems, parallel processing, computer architecture, embedded systems, and reconfigurable logic.

Over the years I have been involved in starting up four companies, three of which are still going strong: BECS Technology, Exegy, and VelociData. They are all located here in St. Louis.