Omnivis 2003: Workshop on Omnidirectional Vision and Camera Networks


Calibration (8:00-10:00)

Mirror shape recovery from image curves and intrinsic parameters: Rotationally symmetric and conic mirrors Nuno Goncalves and Helder Araujo
Calibration of a Structured Light-Based Stereo Catadioptric Sensor Radu Orghidan, Joaquim Salvi, El Mustapha Mouaddib
Comparative Studies of Line-based Panoramic Camera Calibration Fay Huang, Shou-Kang Wei, and Reinhard Klette
Calibration of a Multicamera Network
Patrick Baker and Yiannis Aloimonos
Conformal Rectification of Omnidirectional Stereo Pairs Christopher Geyer and Kostas Daniilidis

Algorithms (10:20-12:20)

Rendering novel views from a set of omnidirectional mosaic images
Hynek Bakstein and Tomas Pajdla
An Efficient Dynamic Multi-Angular Feature Points Matcher for Catadioptric Views S.H.Ieng, R.Benosman and J.Devars
Optical flow estimation in omnidirectional images using wavelet approach
Cedric Demonceaux and Djemaa Kachi-Akkouche
Mathematics of a Multiple Omni-Directional System A. Torii and A. Sugimoto and A. Imiya
Direct Least Square Fitting of Paracatadioptric Line Images Joao P. Barreto Helder Araujo

Motion Estimation (1:30-3:30)

Omnidirectional stereo systems for robot navigation Giovanni Adorni, Stefano Cagnoni, Monica Mordonini and Antonio Sgorbissa
Reckless motion estimation from omnidirectional image and inertial measurements Dennis Strelow and Sanjiv Singh
3D Localization with Conical Vision Cyril Cauchois, Eric Brassart, Laurent Delahoche, Arnaud Clerentin
Omnidirectional Egomotion Estimation From Back-projection Flow Omid Shakernia, Rene Vidal, and Shankar Sastry
Structure from Small Baseline Motion with Central Panoramic Cameras Omid Shakernia, Rene Vidal, and Shankar Sastry

Applications (3:50-5:50)

Appearance-based Tracking of Persons with an Omnidirectional Vision Sensor Grzegorz Cielniak, Mihajlo Miladinovic, Daniel Hammarin, Linus Goranson, Achim Lilienthal and Tom Duckett
New Class of Mirrors for Wide-Angle Imaging
Mandyam V. Srinivasan
Wide Field of View Head Mounted Display for Tele-presence with An Omnidirectional Image Sensor Hajime Nagahara, Yasushi Yagi and Masahiko Yachida
Omnidirectional Distributed Vision System for a Team of Heterogeneous Robots Emanuele Menegatti, Alberto Scarpa, Dario Massarin, Enrico Ros and Enrico Pagello
A Wearable Camera System for Pointing Gesture Recognition and Detecting Indicated Objects
Tomohiro Mashita, Yoshio Iwai, Masahiko Yachida

Workshop Chairs

Robert Pless
Jose Santos-Victor 
Yasushi Yagi
Washington University in St. Louis, USA 
Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal
Osaka University, Japan

Program Committee

Ryad Benosman University Pierre et Marie Curie
Kostas Daniilidis University of Pennsylvania
Cornelia Fermuller University of Maryland
Andy Hicks Drexel University
Atsushi Imiya Chiba University
Hiroshi Ishiguro Wakayama University
Shigang LI Iwate University
El Mustapha Mouaddib University de Picardie
Shree Nayar Columbia University
Tomas Pajdla Czech Technical University
Giulio Sandini University of Genova
Sanjiv Singh Carnegie-Mellon University
Mandyam Srinivasan Australia National University
Peter Sturm INRIA Rhone-Alpes
Toshikazu Wada Kyoto University
Masahiko Yachida Osaka University
Naokazu Yokoya Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Alex Zelinsky Australian National University