CS 555: Spring 2016: Computational Photography

In the Spring of 2016, Computational Photography will be a project and presentation based class.
Office hours: 
Pless: Jolley 404, Wed. 2:30 -- 3:30
TA: Ian Schillebeeckx, Jolley 421, Monday 2-4 pm.
Many lectures are drawn from the fantastic Lecture Notes of James Hays, now faculty at Georgia Tech. Approximate lecture notes for the class are here:
  1. Lecture Notes ppt
  2. Lecture Notes ppt
  3. Lecture Notes ppt
  4. Lecture Notes: Image Filters ppt
  5. Lecture Notes: Fourier Transforms and Imagery ppt
  6. Lecture Notes: Image Blending ppt
  7. Feb 9. Lecture Notes as matlab code: Example Partial Implementation of Gradient Image Blending (matlab code)
  8. Feb 11. HDR and Tone Mapping notes.
  9. Feb 16. Global Image Warpingnotes. Matlab demo.
  10. Feb 18. Lecture will cover the following papers:
  11. Feb 23. Texture Transfer. Reading: Efros & Leung Efros & Freeman.
  12. Feb 25. Image Completion. Reading: Image Completion with Structure Propagation, Scene Completion.
  13. Mar 1,3: Making big pictures, GigaPixel Imaging, and Multi-perspective Panoramas
  14. Mar 8: Guest Lecture, by Prof. Yasu Furukawa, on Photo uncropping.
  15. Mar 10, 15, 17: Spring Break
  16. Mar 22: Project 3 due. Dual Photography
  17. Mar 24: Video Textures, and Dynamic Textures.
  18. Mar 29: Video Synopis
  19. Mar 31: Outdoor Time Lapse to Estimate 3D Scene Structure".
  20. April 5: The Light Field, defined as the Lumigraph, and the Plenoptic Function.
  21. April 7: Structured Light Field Design for Rotation Estimation.
  22. April 12: On analyzing video with small motions, Eulerian Video Magnification.
  23. April 14: Persistent Motion Patterns, and Building Functional Maps from Aerial Video.
  24. April 19: Heliometric Stereo.
  25. April 21: The Epi-Solar Constraint.
  26. April 28: Audio-Visual Extravaganza. .

Reading List

Active Research Groups (see recent publications)

Extended Sensing (coded exposure and aperture)


Light Fields

Panorama and Alignment

Camera Calibration and HDR

Post Processing

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