IEEE Workshop on Motion and Video Computing (WMVC)

Snowbird, Utah, Dec 9, 2009

Program (pdf)
General Chairs:
Robert Pless, Washington University
James W. Davis, Ohio State University
Stefano Soatto, UCLA

Program Chairs:
Chris Bregler, New York University
C.J. Taylor, University of Pennsylvania
Rene Vidal, John Hopkins University

Program Committee:
J.K. Aggarwal (UT-Austin)
Patrick Baker (Logos Technologies)
Serge Belongie (UCSD)
Rama Chellappa (Maryland)
Robert Collins (Penn State)
Kostas Daniilidis (U. Penn)
Justin Domke (Maryland)
Gianfranco Doretto (GE)
Ahmed Elgammal (Rutgers)
David Forsyth (UIUC)
Jan Michael Frahm (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Dave Forsyth (UIUC)
Gutemberg Guerra-Filho (UT-Arlington)
Neils Haring (Object Video)
Nathan Jacobs (Washington University)
Greg Mori (Simon Fraser University)
Visvanathan Ramesh (Siemens)
Amit Roy-Chaudhury (UC Riverside)
Vinay Sharma (Texas Instruments)
Richard Souvenir (UNC-Charlotte)
Christian Theobalt (Stanford)
Lorenzo Torresani (Dartmouth)
Ambrish Tyagi (Omron Scientific Technologies)
Patricio Vela (Georgia Tech)
Peng Wang (Siemens)

Since 1986, IEEE has sponsored workshops on understanding motion from video imagery, but only in the last several years has the acquisition of very high quality video data been so easy to scale to consumer devices, aerial platforms, and large scale camera networks. The need for real-time and scalable algorithms to compute with, understand, and use video data is greater than ever.

This year we particularly encourage submissions that include the analysis of novel sensors (e.g. infrared or polarization sensitive, compressive-sensing, omnidirectional, or microscopy), and varying time scales (high-speed imaging, the analysis of long-time lapse data). In general, article submissions are sought on any area of video processing and motion interpretation, including (but not limited to):

  • Multi-sensor and multi-target detection and tracking
  • Extraction of semantics from video
  • Human activity recognition
  • Gesture and gait analysis and recognition
  • Low-level motion analysis (Optic flow, motion segmentation, structure from motion)
  • Analysis of video data from novel sensors
  • Performance evaluation of video understanding systems
  • Activity modeling and recogntion
  • Video retrieval
  • Video for surveillance and biometrics
  • Video event detection and recognition
Important Dates:
Submissions: August 6, 2009
Decisions: Sept. 15, 2009
Final Version: Oct. 9, 2009 instructions for submission of camera ready copy and registration.
Workshop: December 9, 2009