Available CVSup Client Programs

Important: One of your obligation of using CVSup is to subscribe to the ACE mailing list and read the mail regularly. Please be sure to mention that you're using CVSup when you raise any questions in the mailing list.

Benefits of using CVSup

How to run cvsup

There's a very nice CVSup FAQ by the author of CVSup available. Reid Spencer prepared a very nice writeup on how to use CVSup to maintain and synchronize local cvs repository.
  1. After installing cvsup in your system, create a work directory for cvsup and change into this directory.
  2. Copy the ace-supfile into this directory.
  3. Create a subdirectory called ACE_wrappers under your work directory.
  4. Run cvsup as cvsup ace-supfile. Cvsup will create a subdirectory called sup/ under the work directory. This is where it keeps all its housekeeping information.
  5. The default setting of the example ace-supfile is to check out the most up-to-date version of ACE under your_work_dir/ACE_wrapper only. Read the ace-supfile in detail on how to checkout TAO and JavaACE and how to change the directory setting.
  6. If you are connecting from behind a firewall, you'll need to specify "-P m " to establish multiplex connection mode.
  7. Please report any difficulties, suggestions, comments to me.
Here is a collection of CVSup client programs that I found on the web. Use at your own risk. The client programs listed below should all be self-contained. I recommend you use this ace-supfile and modify it to suit your need. Please read the ace-supfile carefully.

CVSup client for Windows NT/95 is currently unavailable.

Currently, three modules are available (ACE/TAO/JavaACE) from our server. For more information on cvs tag availibility, please check here.

  1. Feature of using CVSup to retrieve ACE/TAO/JavaACE source tree:
    1. Only modified files are retrieved (and they are patched.)
    2. Can specify a tagged version or a date
    3. Selectively retrieve package(s)
    4. You can reject any specified files (e.g., you can prevent cvsup from checking out MSVC project files if you are not working on MSVC.)
  2. More Info:
  3. Client programs:
If you can't find a client for your platform and you are feeling adventurous, you may want to try porting CVSup to your platform. Grab the CVSup source and follow the instructions.

List of supfiles for available CVSup modules:

  1. ACE/TAO
  2. JACE
  3. autobuild

CVSup is developed by John D. Polstra of John D. Polstra & Co., Inc. CVSup is free software.
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