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    Muhan is currently a PhD student in computer science at Washington University in St. Louis. His advisor is Prof. Yixin Chen. Before WashU, he obtained a bachelor degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University as a member of the IEEE honor class, where he worked with Prof. Ya Zhang. He did an internship at Facebook as a research scientist in the summer of 2018, working with Anand Bhaskar.

    Research Interests

    Machine Learning, Data Mining, with particular interests in deep learning and learning with graphs, e.g., link prediction in social networks, graph neural networks etc.



    SEAL (learning from Subgraphs, Embeddings, and Attributes for Link prediction)

    Code for paper "Link Prediction Based on Graph Neural Networks" on NIPS 2018

    DGCNN (Deep-Graph-CNN)

    Code for paper "An End-to-End Deep Learning Architecture for Graph Classification" on AAAI 2018

    Hyperlink Prediction Toolbox

    Code for paper "Beyond Link Prediction: Predicting Hyperlinks in Adjacency Space" on AAAI 2018

    WLNM (Weisfeiler-Lehman Neural Machine)

    Code for paper "Weisfeiler-Lehman Neural Machine for Link Prediction" on KDD 2017

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