Demo Session


Sponsored by Crossbow Inc.


Time: Thursday, April 26, 2007, 4pm-7pm

Demo Chair: Phil Levis


Aggregator-Centric QoS for Body Sensor Networks

Gang Zhou, University of Virginia

Chieh-Yih Wan, Mark D. Yarvis, Intel Research Oregon

John A. Stankovic, University of Virginia


A Sensor-cyber Network Testbed for Plume Detection, Identification, and Tracking

Jren-chit Chin, Purdue University

I-Hong Hou, Jennifer C. Hou, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Chris Ma, Purdue University

Nageswara S. Rao, Oak Ridge National Lab, Mohit Saxena, Purdue University, Mallikarjun Shankar, Oak Ridge National Lab

Yong Yang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

David K. Y. Yau, Purdue University


sChat: A Group Communication Service for Wireless Sensor Networks

Fei Sun, Chien-Liang Fok, and Gruia-Catalin Roman, Washington University in St. Louis


Distributed Algorithms for Multi-Robot Systems

James McLurkin, MIT


Building a Sensor Network of Mobile Phones

Aman Kansal, Michel Goraczko, and Feng Zhao, Microsoft Research


NIST Smart Data Flow System II - Speaker Localization

Antoine Fillinger, Lukas Diduch, Imad Hamchi, Stephane Degre, and Vincent Stanford, NIST


Worldsens: From Lab to Sensor Network Application Development and Deployment

Antoine Fraboulet, Nicolas Fournel, Guillaume Chelius, Eric Fleury, CITI/INSA de Lyon

Bruno Allard, and Olivier Brevet, INSA de Lyon


SMILE - Distributed Middleware for Event Stream Processing

Rob Strom, Chitra Dorai, Gerry Buttner and Ying Li, IBM


Acoustic Source Localization Using the Acoustic ENSBox

Andreas M. Ali, Travis C. Collier, UCLA

Lewis Girod, MIT

Kung Yao, Charles E. Taylor, and Daniel T. Blumstein, UCLA


Demonstration of Image Compression in a Low-Bandwidth Wireless Camera Network

Johannes Karlsson, CSIRO ICT and Umea University

Tim Wark, Philip Valencia, Michael Ung and Peter Corke, CSIRO ICT


The RETOS Operating System: Kernel, Tools and Applications

Hojung Cha, Sukwon Choi, Inuk Jung, Hyoseung Kim, Hyojeong Shin, Jaehyun Yoo and Chanmin Yoon, Yonsei University


A Group Tour Guide System with RFIDs and Wireless Sensor Networks

Po Yu Chen, Wen Tseun Chen, Cheng Han Wu, National Tsing Hua University

Yu-Chee Tseng, National Chiao Tung University


Wearable Wireless Sensor Network to Assess Clinical Status in Patients with Neurological Disorders,

Konrad Lorincz, Harvard University

Benjamin Kuris, Steven M. Ayer, Intel Corp.

Shyamal Patel, Harvard Medical School

Paolo Bonato, Harvard University and Harvard Medical School

Matt Welsh, Harvard University


SPOTWorld and the Sun SPOT

Randall B. Smith, Sun Microsystems


Movement Analysis in Rock-Climbers

Thomas Schmid, Roy Shea, Jonathan Friedman, and Mani B. Srivastava, UCLA


UMR Mote-based Demonstration of Wireless Sensor Networking Protocols using Pneumatic Testbed

James W. Fonda, Maciej J. Zawodniok, Jeffrey T. Birt, and S. Jagannathan, University of Missouri-Rolla


Wireless Sensors, Sensing Wireless (WSSW) for the Characterization of Multipath Fading

Steve DiStasi, University of Vermont, Jake Galbreath, MicroStrain, Inc.

Rich Ketcham and Jeff Frolik, University of Vermont


A Low-Complexity, Compact Antenna for Mitigating Frequency-Selective Fading

Rich Ketcham and Jeff Frolik, University of Vermont


A Sensor Network Architecture for the IP Enterprise

Arch Rock Corporation


etop - Sensor Network Application Energy Profiling on the LEAP2 Platform

Dustin McIntire, UCLA

Thanos Stathopoulos, FORTH/ICS

William Kaiser, UCLA


Lucid Dreaming: Reliable Analog Event Detection for Energy-Constrained Applications

Peter Dinda, Sasha Jevtic, Mat Kotowsky, Robert Dick, Charles Dowding: Northwestern University

A Platform for Ubiquitous Sensor Deployment in Occupational and Domestic Environments

Joshua Lifton, Mark Feldmeier: MIT Media Lab
Yasuhiro Ono: RICOH
Cameron Lewis, Joseph A. Paradiso: MIT Media Lab

A Compact, High-Speed, Wearable Sensor Network for Biomotion Capture and Interactive Media

Ryan P. Aylward, Joseph A. Paradiso: MIT Media Lab

The RETOS Operating System: Kernel, Tools and Applications

Hojung Cha, Sukwon Choi, Inuk Jung, Hyoseung Kim, Hyojeong Shin, Jaehyun Yoo and Chanmin Yoon, Yonsei University

Wireless Localization Using Self-Organizing Maps

Gianni Giorgetti, Universita' degli Studi di Firenze;
Sandeep Gupta, Arizona State University;
Gianfranco Manes, Universita' degli Studi di Firenze

Worldsens: Development and Prototyping Tools for Application Specific Wireless Sensors Networks

Guillaume Chelius, Eric Fleury, Antoine Fraboulet: CITI INSA Lyon, INRIA Ares

A Reconfigurable Architecture and Efficient Data Sharing Mechanism for Modular Sensor Network Nodes

Dimitrios Lymberopoulos: Yale University

Bodhi Priyantha, Feng Zhao: Microsoft Research

Micro Power Meter for Energy Monitoring of Wireless Sensor Networks at Scale

Xiaofan Jiang, Prabal Dutta, David Culler, Ion Stoica: UC Berkeley