CSE 521S Wireless Sensor Networks

Internet of Things

Spring 2018

Prof. Chenyang Lu

Time: Tue/Thu 1-2:30

Place: Lopata 302

TA: Haoran Li, Yehan Ma

Internet of Things (IoT) are pervasive computing systems consisting of smart sensors embedded in physical environments. IoT challenges many classical approaches to distributed computing and networking. Embedded operating systems, wireless network protocols, and approaches to power management, real-time, middleware and cloud computing  fundamentally change when confronted with this new environment. IoT is an exciting research area with many promising applications. This course will study cutting-edge research papers that deal with various aspects of IoT and wireless sensor networks. Students will perform hands-on, system projects on Internet of Things.


Prerequisites: CSE 422S or equivalent (operating systems) or under permission of instructor.

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