CSE 467S Embedded Computing Systems

Spring 2014

Instructor: Prof. Chenyang Lu (Bryan 504)

TAs: Rahav Dor and Bo Li (Bryan 502)

Introduces the issues, challenges, and methods for designing embedded computing systems. Examples of embedded systems include mobile phones, game consoles, home appliances and automobiles. Emphasis is given to aspects of design that are distinct to embedded systems. The course examines software and system-level design issues such as power management, program analysis, real-time operating systems, real-time scheduling and wireless sensors. Students will perform a course project on real wireless sensors. Credits: 3 unit.

Lectures: M/W 1-2:30, Lopata Hall 103

Slides and Schedule (updated after each class)




Midterm 25% Final 25% Project 35% (Proposal 5% Midterm demo 5% Final demo 25%), Homework 10%, Participation 5%. Final grades are based on a class curve.

Students are expected to conduct their academic work with the highest ethical standards. No discussion is allowed during exams.