Something More Than Research

I deem family, friends and sports are of top importance throughout the life. As long as there are a bunch of people together, who cares what to do, where it is, and how it happens:) Besides, I am a photography amateur as well as a fanatical traveller, who was usually spotted travelling where cultural elements deposit, with an inspired heart beating vigorously in my chest, with an old backpack bumping rhythmically on my back, and with an unputdownable camera hanging pendulously under my neck. Yep, that's me! :)

I LOVE travel pretty much. Driven by the long-cherished dream and wish of deeply feeling the amazing world, I have been travelling all the way during my life, observing the superb craftsmanship and architectures, viewing the spendid sight and mighty force of nature, listening to the kind people and their entrenched folk custom, and enjoying the native cuisine and featured wines. My footprint has stepped from Asia to America across many countries. [Travel Gallary]