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I am now a Senior Research Scientist in Huawei America Research Center, Multicore and Parallel System Software Group, primarily doing research on parallel/heterogeneous architecture and algorithms, distributed system and big data, and many-core GPUs.

Before joining Huawei, I received my Ph.D. from Computer Science and Engineering Department of Washington University. I was part of Steam Based Supercomputing Lab (SBS) and High Performance Computational Biology Group (HPCB), co-advised by Prof. Roger D. Chamberlain and Prof. Kunal Agrawal. I also worked at NVIDIA Research, Santa Clara, CA as a research intern during summer 2012, under supervision of Mr. Jonathan Cohan, and WiMAX Program Office(WPO) @ Intel Mobility Group, Beijing, China, where I worked for deployment of WiMAX Network and Application with promising business models and real-time demos for 2008 Olympic Sailing.

I serve on Program Committee for SPAA 2013, PPoPP 2015, PPoPP 2016, CCGrid 2015, HPCC 2015, NPC 2015, PACT 2015, ISPA 2015, ISPA 2016, IWOMP2015, HPCS 2015, HPCS 2016, Infocom 2016. I am also journal reviewer for Parallel Computing (PARCO) [Impact Factor: 1.890] , ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization(TACO) [Impact Factor: 0595] , IEEE Access , and China Communications. This year, I will co-chair HPCC workshops and serve on the publicity chair and session chair of PACT 2015.