Formerly titled: Sloan Marketing: They Try to Look Legitimate.

UPDATE: as of 10 July 2009, the domain is not registered. The links below to their website are dead, but left here for information. The spammers behind it are still active. See the reports at B2BL: B2B spam and the large Spamhaus ROKSO entry for Data Champions/Sloan Marketing.

I've been spammed by Sloan Marketing and their affiliates since June 2003. They try really hard to look like a legitimate marketing company, but I have no doubt that they're just another spammer. For example, go to their website and try their nifty "Live Help". Ask the live correspondent for a phone number to be removed from their lists. You'll likely get 800-882-4312. Try it, it's a voicemail system. Leave a message, if you like, but it will have no effect.

Here is one of their earlier spams; it suggests to me that they're in the spam business. Looks like they mistakenly left the reference to Sloan Marketing in the From: header.

Their FAQ has a question that asks if they sell contact lists. The FAQ does not answer that question! It does say that "SloanMarketing is a strong supporter of responsible email use and permission-based email marketing". I know that to be simply false. I've got a nice collection of evidence that shows that they have ignored my revocation of permission to send me marketing email. Furthermore, I never granted them that permission in the first place; so much for "permission-based email".

Sloan Marketing doesn't comply with California's anti-spam law, even though they do business in California (1819 Polk St., #292, San Franciso, CA 94109, and formerly 1288 Columbus Ave, #114, San Francisco, CA 94114). I got that address in spam from eBizChannel as well as directly from Eric Stevens at +1 415-240-4066, who was allegedly acting as a "Client Services Consultant" of Sloan Marketing. I got that phone number, +1 415-240-4066, from Sloan Marketing's Live Help.

TOASTEDspam has lots of hits on Sloan Marketing.

Here are some alleged names of representatives of Sloan Marketing and their affiliates:

They have used the following SMTP servers: Possible affiliate or related domains and identities include, with current domain registrar listed in brackets: In addition to the phone numbers mentioned above, they have also used 800-588-8615. That number is used by both Sales Universe (see below) and Email Appenders. Sales Universe uses an address of 2370 Market Street # 174, San Francisco, CA 94114.

All was quiet for a while. Then on 17 August 2004, I received a spam with a suspicious address: Member Preference Dept, 1288 Columbus Ave, #114, San Francisco, CA 94113. The phone number was 800-882-4312. Links in the message were to and

The current whois information for shows the same administrative, billing, contact, and registrant phone number as that of immediately redirects to, which has the identical address and phone number as has an incomplete phone number in their whois info.

I called the sender of this last spam, and they said that they hired for this marketing campaign. has a very slick website, and even a web page that has their opinions on the CAN-Spam act. This website supports live help, which seems common to others referenced in this thread. It also mentions that they're headquartered in San Francisco. A bit of searching for turned up another interesting connection: it mentions Could the "S" stand for "Stewart"? And it also mentions that the spammer sent mail to an address that did not opt in.

Yes, the "S" stand for "Stewart": Alan Stewart associated his name and email address here. And 6figurechampions is mentioned as well. (That page no longer shows those associations. It used to.)

An attempt to access results in an error, because that page redirects to However, that hostname does not resolve. The Whois information for lists none other than, affiliated with Strategic Presence. appears to be the same company as the web sites look the same.

And the web keeps growing: the 6figurechampions listing is from Chris Harris, chrish@6figurechampions. An old Salesuniverse page had a quote from Chris Harris of Recuriting [sic] Junction. That completes one cycle: Recruiting Junction first spammed me back in June 2003.

22 December 2004: I got yet another spam from Sales Universe. This one again states:

You are receiving this mail because you either subscribed at one of our websites or you subscribed with a third party. We sincerely hope you enjoyed receiving this mailing, but if you received it in error, and if you don't wish to receive any further messages from us please follow the link and you will be automatically excluded from any future mailings.

That's completely false, of course. The message pulls images from, for what that's worth.

25 January 2005: And yet another spam. This time, it's for .

07 February 2005: And yet another one. It's from .

Both and list Irish Domains for all of their Whois contacts. The domain registrar for both is .

Spring 2005: has been spamming me this Spring.

December 2007: the spam from Sloan Marketing and affiliates comes and goes. It has been quiet for a while.

September 2008: and then another one, from It has 800-870-3107 for Josh Pearson's phone number. A Google search on that number shows a bunch of hits that mention Sloan Marketing. The spam has a couple of links to pages, including the unsubscribe link. Another new affiliation is the SMTP server that originated the message: []. The whois information for includes the email address common to many of the other domains mentioned above.

September 2009: quiet for a year, then another one. It has an unsubscribe link containing "Division=ListGalaxy". The message contains these headers:

  X-Report-Abuse-Info: It is important to please include full email headers in the report
  X-postmasterSend: 8204a294-df73-47e0-a777-2a943e575914+
  From: <>
  Subject:Are you able to get through to the right people?
The signature is:
   Ted Deluge | Vice President  -  Business  Development | B2B Data
   Worldwide | Direct: 1-212-203-4134 |
A search of "B2B Data Worldwide" finds Josh Pearson. So this definitely is related.

And this Trade Pals page shows that Ted Deluge is affiliated with List Galaxy.

And, note the use of the domain again. As of this date, 29 September 2009, that domain does not exist. Therefore, there is no MX record for it, and the address is deliberately bogus.

The unsubscribe link was apparently to a third party. I contacted them, and they claimed that they were going to suspend service to ListGalaxy.

July 2012: received spam, non-compliant with CAN-SPAM, from Elise Koch, Marketing Executive, Cloneoptin Inc., 203-649-1018. The company behind it appears to be Business Email Lists, yet another incarnation of this spammer.

December 2012: received spam, non-compliant with CAN-SPAM, from Deborah Evans, Marketing Executive, 888-882-2064. The company name isn't mentioned in the email (!). The From: address is The domain registration shows Abdul Muhsin, InfoVIbez Technolgies Inc, 501 Silverside Road, Willmington, Delaware, 8888822064,

Check out this Toasted Spam article.

And see this story about Email Appenders failing to appear in court. The defendants in the case are Email Appenders, LLC, Frank Simon, Vanessa Anderson, Chris McAlister and Steve Dawson.

Also, see articles by Ken Magill, including this one about bad experiences reported by Sales Universe/EmailAppenders clients. See - Data Appenders Complaint.

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