InfoSource: Spammer!

Here is some spam I received from InfoSource. Consider:
  1. The return email address is forged.

  2. There is no URL shown for further information anywhere in the spam. Responses are directed to a FAX number.

  3. The email contains random characters in the Subject header and at the end of the body, presumably to fool spam filters.

  4. A telephone number, 905-751-0919, is provided but it is an overfull voicemail box. I'd be inclined to spring for a more robust voicemail system if I was charging $375 for one CD-ROM and I was a legitimate business concern. is an alias, it shows the InfoSource name but a different address (4410 Massachusetts Ave NW, #201, Washington, DC, 20016-5572). It does have the same telephone and FAX numbers as the InfoSource Group website. 4410 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20016, is the address of some commercial establishments on the campus of American University.

The address shown by InfoSource Group on their website is 4841 Yonge Street, Suite 524, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

David Levine
Last modified: Sat Dec 4 10:09:07 CST 2004