Real-Time Scheduling Resources

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The page serves as a repository for pointers to other pages of interest on distributed real-time scheduling. To go to another page, click on the highlighted link:

other local real-time resources:
real-time article reviews
OMG realtime technologies RFI
Jon Currey's Real-Time CORBA 1.0 presentation to RTAS '99.
Real-Time Research Repository of the IEEE Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems
real-time OS, development system, and ORB manufacturers:
Chorus Systems: Chorus/Cool ORB ORB for distributed real-time embedded systems.
Lynx Real-Time Systems: LynxOS.
Object Oriented Technologies Ltd.: DOME ORB.
ObjecTime Limited: ObjecTime OO RT development toolset.
Project Technology: home of Shlaer-Mellor Method and BridgePoint automation.
Symbian: EPOC RTOS.
Systran: SCRAMNet+ replicated, shared memory communication system.
Verilog USA: ObjectGeode analysis, design, verification, and validation toolset.
VMIC: VMEbus products, including a board with a Pentium processor.
Wind River Systems: VxWorks and Tornado OS's.
real-time periodicals:
Real-Time Magazine
other summary links:
Carleton University DOORS (Design of Object-Oriented Real-time Systems) project: papers summary
Dienst search results: real-time+QoS: the UIUC results are especially interesting
Honeywell Technology Center Distributed Scheduling Research
Kluwer Academic Publishers real-time systems publications
U. Mass real-time publications
U. Maryland TimeWare Project
U. Michigan Real-Time Computing Laboratory ARMADA Project: A Real-time Middleware Architecture for Distributed Applications
U. Rhode Island real-time publications
U. York real-time systems research group: many good papers are available here
U. Zurich real-time links
the on-line union of four premier embedded systems development information sources
researcher links:
E. Douglas Jensen's home page
Stuart Mitchell's Threaded Active Objects (TAO) page
Raj Rajkumar's home page
Satish K. Tripathi's tech reports
U. Maryland TimeWare papers
Responsive Systems Research Group of the German National Research Center for Information Technology
threads FAQs/pages:
Bil Lewis' threads FAQ
SunSoft threads page
Bryan O'Sullivan's comp.programming.threads FAQ