CS E71 6873: Research Seminar on Software Systems



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Discussion Schedule

4 February Introductions, organization
11 Vishal QoS Enabled OO Middleware


  1. Vishal Kachroo, Yamuna Krishnamurthy, Fred Kuhns, Ronald G. Akers, Pradeep Avasthi, Surender Kumar, and Vidya Narayanan, Design and Implementation of QoS enabled OO Middleware , Internet2 QoS Workshop, February 2000.
18 Chris End-To-End Architectures


  1. J.H. Saltzer, D.P. Reed and D.D. Clark, End-To-End Arguments in System Design, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, 4(4):277-288, November 1984.
  2. Aurrecoechea, C., Campbell, A.T. and L. Hauw, "A Survey of QoS Architectures," ACM/Springer Verlag Multimedia Systems Journal , Special Issue on QoS Architecture, Vol. 6 No. 3, pg. 138-151, May 1998 ( original link: file is corrupted) (good local copy)
25 Luther ATM

3 March Nanbor Components

10 Spring Break
17 Angelo Scout (pdf)

24 David PACE

31 Bala, Irfan Endsystems: Resource Kernel, POA

7 April Shawn IETF: DiffServ, IntServ, QBONE, ISILL

14 Michael IEEE 802.1 [P,Q]

21 Kirthika, Yoon AOP, QuO

28 Pradeep, Fred Multi-Service Routers


E71 6873
Research Seminar on Software Systems

Operating systems research has recently seen renewed interest in several areas. This seminar explores some of these new and interesting research areas, with a specific focus on their development and implementation in modern OS's such as Linux, FreeBSD, Window NT, and Solaris. Particular attention is paid to the implications of how these new ideas will affect our research. Discussion topics will include those of interest to participants. In depth exploration on at least one platform is required.

1 credit


  1. QoS on the endsystem
  2. QoS within the Network
  3. Middleware challenges
  4. Supporting QoS end-to-end
  5. Adaptive applications


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