CS E71 6872: Research Seminar on Software Systems



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Discussion Schedule

4 September Introductions, organization
11 Fred High Performance Distributed Object Environment With a focus on real-time I/O subsystems in NetBSD and Solaris.


  1. Douglas C. Schmidt, Fred Kuhns, Rajeev Bector and David Levine, The Design and Performance of and I/O Subsystem for Real-time Endsystem Middleware
18 Joe Overview of Real-time computing.


  1. John A. Stankovic Real-Time Computing, BYTE, invited paper, pp. 155-160, August 1992.
  Chris The State of Scheduling Research (A Snapshot), including Rialto and MUF


  1. Michael B. Jones, Daniela Rosu and Marcel-Catalin Rosu, CPU Reservations and Time Constraints: Efficient, Predictable Scheduling of Independent Activities SIGOPS '97 10/97 Saint-Malo, France
  2. D. B. Stewart and P. K. Khosla, Real-Time Scheduling of Sensor-Based Control Systems in Real-Time Programming (W. Halang and K. Ramamritham editors), pp. 139-144, Pergamon Press Inc., 1992
  3. AQUA
  4. SMART
25 Nanbor Concurrency Models in (RT) Middleware


  1. John Ousterhout, Why Threads Are a Bad Idea (for most purposes)
2 October David Linux Support for Real-Time Applications


  1. David Rusling, The Linux Kernel: excellent description of Linux kernel principles and mechanisms.
  2. Doug Niehaus, et al., KURT
  3. Victor Yodaiken, Real-Time Linux
9 RonProgramming language support for RT
  RonScout overview


  1. The Scout Operating System
16  (Fall break)
23 Weihai RTU, threads for QoS procotol processing


  1. R. Gopalakrishnan and G. M. Parulkar, Real-time Upcalls: A Mechanism to Provide Real-time Processing Guarantees, Washington University Department of Computer Science technical report WUCS-95-06, September 1995.
  2. S. Y. Shi, G. M. Parulkar, R. Gopalakrishnan, "A TCP/IP Implementation with Endsystem QoS", 1998.
30 Joe and JyotiPlayground


  1. The Programmers' Playground
6 November IrfanNT


  1. David A. Solomon, Inside Windows NT, Second Edition, Microsoft Press, 1998.
  2. Martin Timmerman and Jean-Christophe Monfret, Windows NT as Real-Time OS?, Real-Time Magazine, 2Q 1997.
13 Ruibaio UVM for High Performance I/O


  1. See the publications on Chuck Cranor's web page
20 Chris/Fred RT Scheduling Patterns


  1. Realtime Scheduling in SunOS 5.0
27  (Thanksgiving break)
4 December David Mayerhoeffer, LynxOSLynxOS, example of an RTOS


E71 6872
Research Seminar on Software Systems

Operating systems research has recently seen renewed interest in several areas. This seminar explores some of these new and interesting research areas, with a specific focus on their development and implementation in modern OS's such as Linux, FreeBSD, Window NT, and Solaris. Particular attention is paid to the implications of how these new ideas will affect our research. Discussion topics will include those of interest to participants. In depth exploration on at least one platform is required.

1 credit


  1. Overview of Real-Time support in Unix and Windows NT

  2. Scheduling I: Time

  3. Scheduling II: Scheduling

  4. Device Drivers, I/O

  5. Small-footprint Operating Systems

  6. RTOS's

  7. Middleware

  8. New Paradigms

  9. Adaptivity


  1. My real-time resources page. The Real-Time Research Repository of the IEEE Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems is probably a better place to start.

  2. William J. Bolosky, et al., Operating System Directions for the Next Millennium.

  3. Jack G. Ganssle, "The Challenges of Real-Time Programming", Embedded Systems Programming 11:7, July 1998, p. 20-26.

  4. Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Announces Plans to Expand Arena for Embedded Applications With Windows CE by Addition of Hard Real-Time Capabilities, Microsoft PressPass, April 6, 1998.

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