Java vs. C++

excerpted from "Java Software Solutions" by Lewis & Loftus
Appendix I, pp. 609-614

Java versus C++: Pointers and data structures
Java C++
References, with no explicit pointer manipulation
and no pointer arithmetic.
Pointers, with dereferencing (* or ->) and address (&)
Array references are not translated to pointer arithmetic. Array references translate to pointer arithmetic.
Arrays automatically check index limits. No automatically array bounds checking.
Array lengths in multidimensional arrays can vary
from one element to the next within one dimension.
Array lengths in multidimensional arrays are all the
same size in a give dimension, fixed by the declaration.
Strings are objects. Strings are null-terminated character arrays.
Built-in string concatenation operator(+). String concatenation through a library function.
Use string concatenation operator for long string literals. Use line continuation (\) for long string literals.
No typedef. typedef to define types.