Washington University Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Tennis Tournament
Summer 2006

Congratulations to Robert Pless, the 2006 CSE tennis tournament champion!


  • (5 September)  Robert Pless has defeated Patrick Crowley 8-6 in the final round-robin match to win the tournament.  Thanks to all who entered!
  • (11 July)  Liang Fok has withdrawn from the tournament, effectively reducing the competition to a final match between Patrick Crowley and Robert Pless.
  • (21 June)  The tournament format has not changed.  The new deadline to report match results has been announced: Friday, 4 August.
  • (6 June)  Ross Sowell has withdrawn from the tournament.  The new tournament format (if any) will be announced soon.
  • (20 May)  Five players have entered the tournament.  The format will be a straight round-robin: each player will play each other once.  The last day to report match results is Friday, 16 June, giving four weeks for four matches per player.  Please see below for details on playing matches and reporting results.
  • (6 May)  The last day to sign up for the tournament is Friday, 19 May.

The format of the tennis tournament will depend on the number of entrants.  If five or fewer enter, every player will play each other once in a round-robin with no “playoffs”.  If six or more enter, the players will be divided into two or more round-robin groups of no more than five players each, the winners of which will face each other in a single-elimination knockout stage.  The winner of a match is responsible for reporting the result and the match score (such as 8-4) to me.  Ten points will be awarded for a win and one point for a loss; no points will be awarded if a match is not played (unless one player simply refuses to play and thus forfeits).  (The hope is that the one point for a loss will encourage play even when one player is pessimistic.)

If two players tie on points at the end of the round-robin stage, the tie will be broken by comparing games won minus games lost, then games won minus games lost excluding tiebreaker games, then tiebreaker points won minus tiebreaker points lost, then head-to-head results.  If a tie at the top of the table is still not resolved, co-champions will be crowned.

Players are responsible for scheduling their matches, providing equipment (rackets and balls) and finding and reserving a tennis court.  Call 935-4619 to make court reservations at the Tao Tennis Center on campus.

Tournament entrants

Match rules:

  1. Each match will consist of a single pro set:  The first player to win 8 (NB: not 6) games wins the match.
  2. The match must be won by 2 games:  8-3 is a win, 8-6 is a win and 9-7 is a win.
  3. Service alternates each game.  Service of the first game can be decided by spinning a racket (or flipping a coin).
  4. If 8-8 is reached, a tiebreaker to 7 points must be played.  The tiebreaker must be won by 2 points:  7-2 is a win, 7-5 is a win, 8-6 is a win, 21-19 is a win, etc.
  5. In a tiebreaker, service alternates after each odd-numbered point, so one player serves the first point, the other player serves the next two points, etc.  Service of the first point can be decided by the player who lost the pre-match racket spin.
  6. If play is interrupted for reasons beyond the players' control, the match should be resumed later at the same point.
  7. The reported match score should include the tiebreaker score (if applicable), like 9-8 (7-4).

Player 1 points earned match score points earned Player 2
Young Cho 1 1-6 10 Patrick Crowley
Robert Pless 10 8-1 1 Young Cho
Patrick Crowley 1 6-8 10 Robert Pless

Points table
wins losses points games
tiebreaker points
Robert Pless 2 0 20 16/7 0/0
Patrick Crowley 1 1 11 12/9 0/0
Young Cho 0 2 2 2/14 0/0

Match results are current as of 5 September 2006.  Please e-mail Rob LeGrand at with any questions or problems.

Also see last year’s tournament and the 2004 tournament.