Armchair Cricket County Championship
by Rob LeGrand

I began writing Armchair Cricket County Championship when I discovered Armchair Cricket, a wonderfully simple card game that simulates a cricket match.  Because of my interest in the early history of the English County Championship, I wrote the first version as a competition among the eight first-class counties of 1890, each county side having particular batting and bowling tendencies.  Since then I’ve expanded ACCC to include more county sides, added more statistics and records and improved the match interface and computer’s playing ability.  It has remained a DOS program so that it can be played under DOS or any version of Windows.  Armchair Cricket County Championship is freeware, meaning that anyone may use and distribute it without charge so long as I am credited with authorship.

I am currently developing a major update of the program which has many new and improved features.  The latest copy of ACCC version 3 (updated 23 October) allows two-card shots and optional wides and byes.  I haven’t yet finished testing it and would appreciate your help. Please download it, try it and tell me what you think.  Some older versions of the program are also available below; note that saved-season files are not guaranteed to be compatible among versions and releases.

Game version Files (click to download)
Program Guide to playing Screenshot
Armchair Cricket: Batting practice
new online game! not yet available not yet available
Armchair Cricket Solitaire
new online game! not yet available not yet available
Armchair Cricket County Championship version 3 (beta)
test version: allows two-card shot and optional run/bye
last updated 23 October 2005
accc2cs.exe not yet available not yet available
Armchair Cricket County Championship version 3 (stable)
last updated 6 July 2005
accc.exe not yet available
Armchair Cricket County Championship version 2 armchair.exe armchair.txt armchair.gif
Armchair Cricket version 1 first-class edition armch1fc.exe armch1.txt armch1fc.gif
limited-overs edition armch1lo.exe armch1lo.gif
a very early version of Armchair Cricket armchold.exe none armchold.gif

If you are at all interested in the game of Armchair Cricket or my ACCC program, I invite you to join the armchair-cricket mailing list on Yahoo! Groups, created for discussion of all Armchair Cricket topics.  There is also now an Armchair Cricket article on Wikipedia.

Cricket still honours the traditional counties of England, not the newer administrative divisions.  The Association of British Counties has a map that shows the cricketing counties in the game.

Please e-mail any comments, questions or suggestions to  Thanks!