Rob LeGrand

Howdy!  I’m a Ph.D. student in computer science under Dr. Ron Cytron in the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Washington University.  My research is on the computational theory of voting systems, especially regarding the manipulation of voting systems and the design of manipulation-resistant systems such as Declared-Strategy Voting.  I have now successfully defended my dissertation, Computational Aspects of Approval Voting and Declared-Strategy Voting (which appears in a list of theses in the area of computational social choice).  I also work as a graduate research assistant in the DOC Group.  I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in computer science at Texas A&M.  I can be reached through e-mail at .

This semester I am the teaching assistant for CSE 431S (Translation of Computer Languages); I was the TA for CSE 531S (Theory of Compiling and Language Translation) last fall.  In December 2006 I attended the 1st International Workshop on Computational Social Choice in Amsterdam to present a paper (listed below).  In spring 2005 I taught CSE 436S, Software Engineering Workshop; in fall 2005 I participated in CSE 7201 (Programming Language Seminar: GCC internals) and the PL Reading Group.

Here you can find:

There will be more pages on voting topics to come.  Also see my modest ranked-ballot voting methods study, which predates my time at Washington U.

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