CS101 Programming Contest
Entries and Winners, Fall 1998

The Fall 1998 CS101 Programming Contest was held December 3-7. The contest was to create an applet for a game in which a turkey or other being must cross the road and avoid the traffic. The top entries are listed first, followed by a list of everyone who submitted an entry. Enjoy playing!

(Note: Most of the winners crashed at least one of the judges' computers during the judging process.)

1st Place:
Olcan Sercinoglu
A Few Good Penguins

2nd Place:
Chris Neely
Thanksgiving Special

3rd Place:
Michal Bryc
MichalSoft Turkey 98

4th Place:
Richard Colvin
The Legend of Zelda

Honorable Mention:
Brian Hamman
Marbles and Rabbits

All Entries (alphabetically):

Jon Agnich

Bo Hyun Ahn

Moira Annelin

Amy Appel

Dev P. Balasubramanian

Ali Ball

Adam Boyet

Michal Bryc

Zach Byers

Nicholas Calugar

Dante Cannarozzi

David Chapman

Kevin Chin

King Chou

Richard Colvin

William Conner

Brian Curtis

Quincy Davis

Joshua M. Edwards

Mike Feldman

Iliya Filev

Chien-Liang Fok

Andrew Gilpin

Itai Gurari

Evan Haas

Brian Hamman

Martin Hassett

John Henroid

Chris Hill

Emily Jackson

Tom Judkins

Philip Kirschner

Anthony Koo

John Kramer

Ing-Long Eric Kuo

Sean Leather

Angie Lee

Thomas Leung

Jim Luo

Sajan Mahajan

Andrew Marek

Keri A. McWilliams

David A. Meyer

Chris Neely

Erik Normark

Vanessa Nudd

Ethan Palenchar

Gaurav Patel

Muhannad Al Rasrumani

Nathan Rogers

Josh Schubkegel

Dave Scouras

Marc Sentany

Olcan Sercinoglu

Loren Smith

Robert "Gordita" Surrago

Ronnie Tam

Marc Taubman

paul tulipana

Carlos Uriarte

Ho Simon Wang

David G. Warner

Sean Waters

Jonah Weiss

Entries submitted after the deadline: (displayed here by student request)

David Smalle