Raj Jain (Ed), WiMAX System Evaluation Methodology, V2.1, WiMAX Forum, July 7, 2008.


The simulation methodology described in this document is general so that it can be used with any modelling platform such as NS2, OPNET, OMNET, Qualnet, etc. A complete list of known WiMAX modelling platforms is provided in Annex J. WiMAX Forum is developing an NS-2 Model of WiMAX using this methodology for general use by all WiMAX members. The selection of NS-2 as the modelling platform is based not on its technical superiority but on the fact that it is a public domain platform available under GNU Public License (GPL) and can be freely distributed. We encourage members to use this methodology with other platforms as well.

Complete document in Adobe Acrobat format.

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