AWG WiMAX Capacity Planning Model

V0.8, September 23, 2008 (This version of the model is an "alpha" release for member review and feedback)


WiMAX Forum members can obtain the Excel workbook by registering with complete contact information along with member company name. Please send your requests to Prof. Jain

Authors: Chakchai So-In and Raj Jain, Washington University in Saint Louis, MO 63130 USA

This software provides capacity estimation for WiMAX networks. The calculation and derivation follow the WiMAX System Modeling Methodology [2] and the IEEE 802.16 standard [1]. This is a simplified model designed for quick analysis. See the list of assumptions in Assumptions worksheet.

1. This work was sponsored by Application Working Group (AWG) of WiMAX Forum.
2. Several members of AWG including Jay Kim (Samsung), Tom Tofigh (AT&T), Kemal Ozdemir, Francis Retnasothie (Logus Broadband Wireless), Shyam Parekh (Alcatel-Lucent), Alan Moskowitz (MobiTV), Krishna Ramadas (Venturi Wireless), and Mano Vafai (Wichorus) helped in this effort.

[1] IEEE P802.16Rev2/D2, DRAFT Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks, “Part 16: Air Interface for Broadband Wireless Access Systems”, 2094 pp, December 2007.
[2] WiMAX Forum, “WiMAX System Evaluation Methodology V2.1”, 230 pp, July 2008,
[3] So-In, C., Jain, R., and Al-Tamimi A., “Capacity Estimation of IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX networks”, Submitted to IEEE Wireless communication magazine, April 2008.
[4] Ozdemir, D., Retnasothie, F., et al, “WiMAX Capcity Estimation for Triple Play Services including Mobile TV, VoIP, and Internet,” WiMAX Forum AWG Contribution, June 2007.

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