Tutorial on Broadband Metro and Access Networks

A Tutorial by Professor Raj Jain at International Conference on Communication and Broadband Networking, (ICBN 2004), Japan, April, 7, 2004,

This tutorial covers the key technological developments in broadband networking in metro and access carrier networks. Both wired and wireless technologies will be covered.

The role of Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard in unifying the local and wide area networks will be presented. While Ethernet is trying to replace SONET/SDH in the carrier networks, SONET itself is changing to better meet the new demands of data traffic. The features that make Next Generation SONET a tough competitor for Ethernet in the carrier metro networks will be explained. Ethernet although widely deployed may not be suitable as is for deployment in carrier networks. The efforts underway to make it suitable for carrier network deployment will be described.

The phenomenal growth of DSL in the broadband market is already well known. Basics of DSL operation and cable modems will be covered. Upcoming standards on Broadband wireless access and mobile broadband wireless access and the role of WiMAX in accelerating their deployments will be explained. Optical Access using passive optical networks and free-space optics will also be briefly presented.

This half-day tutorial covers the following topics:

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Tutorial Handouts including references and acronyms.

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