NS3 Simulation Model of WiMAX

A thesis presented by Chris Thomas to the School of Engineering of Washington University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE, May 2011.

Simulation is a powerful tool for analysis and improvement of networking technologies, and many simulation packages are available. One that is growing in popularity is NS-3, the successor to the popular NS-2. It is a significant departure from NS-2, and offers many advantages and disadvantages. In this thesis, we translate and update a sophisticated WiMAX simulation model from NS-2 to NS-3, and use this experience to investigate the major differences between NS-2 and NS-3, and the relative strengths of each package. We then use the NS-3 simulation model to provide analysis on a new WiMAX OFDMA downlink subframe mapping algorithm.

MS Thesis
You can also download Complete Simulation Model including source code and documentation.

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