R. Jain, "IP over DWDM Networks," GTE, Boston, January 19, 2000.

In the last five years dense wavelength division multiplexing networks have moved from research labs to deployment.

In this talk, we begin with recent DWDM records and present a sample of recent products and applications. Key technological developments that made DWDM possible will be explained. The discussion includes various recent fibers and issues that limit the bit rate and distance.

Emergence of these optical DWDM networks has resulted in very high-speed core. Currently, the protocol stack consists of IP over PPP over SONET over DWDM. Is there a need for SONET in IP/DWDM networks?

Economic pressures are calling for the elimination of the SONET layer. What changes are required in IP protocols and in DWDM to make this possible? This is the topic of this talk.

Issues related to MPLS over DWDM networks will also be discussed.

This talk covers the following topics:

Presentation slides in Adobe Acrobat Format: 1 slide/page

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