R. Jain, "Traffic Management in Satellite Networks," Invited speech at International Symposium on Radio Technologies (ISART'99), Boulder, CO, August 1, 1999.

Traffic Management is required for proper operation of high- bandwidth-delay product networks. Satellite networks need traffic management due to longer delays than terrestrial networks.

Traffic management is the key feature of ATM that distinguishes it from current networking protocols and makes it suitable for deployment in high-bandwidth-delay networks and for providing performance guarantees in an integrated environment.

While ATM Forum has designed ABR for data traffic, much of IP traffic currently uses the unspecified bit rate (UBR) service. Ways to improve the performance of the two services are described.

Traffic Management features being introduced in IP networks are also be presented.

This talk covers the following topics:

Presentation slides in Adobe Acrobat Format: 1 slide/page

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