R. Jain, "IP Switching: Issues and Alternatives," SouthWestern Bell, Austin, TX (August 4, 1997) and Nortel, Canada, (July 25, 1997).

IP Switching allows high speed forwarding of IP packets on ATM networks. After its announcement in March 1996, several ATM switch vendors signed up with Ipsilon and implemented it in their switches. Ipsilon claimed that their approach was much simpler than ATM Forum's Multiprotocol over ATM (MPOA). However, within 6 months, other competitors announced better approaches and pointed out several issues with Ipsilons approach. In particular, CISCO announced Tag switching, IBM announced Aggregate Route based IP switching (ARIS), Toshiba announced cell-switched router (CSR). Eventually, all the debate in the industry lead to the formation of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) working group at the Internet Engineering Taskforce. This working group is working on a solution to be documented by the end of this year. In this tutorial talk, we explain why we need to change the way IP packets are routed and what the different approaches proposed so far are. The talk will include explanatin of MPOA, IP switching, CSR, Tag Switching, ARIS, and MPLS.

This talk covers the following topics:

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